The main stage provided a stunning arena for speakers—from Stefan Sagmeister to Dave Eggers and Brenda Laurel to Matt Groening—shared their inspirational stories and examples of individual and collective expression.

Back by popular demand, this was the third AIGA National Design Conference supremely moderated by multitalented two-time Peabody Award–winner and "Dateline NBC" correspondent John Hockenberry. What better subject matter than the theme of this year's conference—the social and political potential of design—for Hockenberry to pit his elucidating wit against?

All Speakers

This is a list of all the speakers participating in the conference. They will appear either on the main stage or in breakout sessions. Breakout sessions and workshops take place on Friday and Saturday afternoon and are held in smaller rooms, giving attendees the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the speakers and participate in discussion—hopefully heated.

Maxey Andress, artist and EM2 Design creative direct
Samuel Antupit, editorial designer and AIGA medalist 2001
Dana Arnett, VSA Partners president and Harley Davidson rebrander
Hal Aronow-Theil, creative director, ABC Broadcast Graphics
Stuart Bailey, coeditor of dot, dot, dot
Jonathan Barnbrook, designer of Mason and Exocet fonts and Damien Hirst collaborator
Frank Baseman, design educator, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia
Leslie Becker, design educator, CCAC, San Francisco
Michael Beebe
, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Burkey Belser
, designer of nutrition label designer used on 6 billion products
Joshua Berger, Plazm cofounder
Peter Bergeron, CalArts student
Michael Bierut, Pentagram partner and AIGA president emeritus
Peter Bil'ak, coeditor of dot, dot, dot
Tina Blaine, interactive designer for gaming and collective music making
Nicholas Blechman, founder of Knickerbocker Design
Steve Brodner, satirical illustrator
Dakota Brown, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Lisa Cahoon, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Ivan Chermayeff, founder of Chermayeff & Geismar
Class Action, community action art collective
Sue Coe, issues-oriented visual journalist
Coma (Cornelia Blatter and Marcel Hermans), art/design team based in Amsterdam and New York
Robbie Conal, guerrilla wheatpasting poster artist
Sian Cook, cofounder of Women's Design + Research Unit
Thievery Corporation, DC's coolest DJs
Gideon D'Arcangelo, interactive designer
Chris Dixon, editorial designer
Sarah Dougher, director of publicity and project management at Plazm
Steve Duenes, graphics editor, The New York Times
Dave Eggers, designer, author and editor of McSweeney's
Duke Ellington School of the Arts choir and jazz band
Vince Frost, British editorial designer
Mario Garcia, president and senior designer of Garcia Media Group
Joe Garden, senior writer for The Onion
Ken Garland, originator of the first "First Things First" manifesto
Joane Leigh George, design historian
Milton Glaser, I heart NY designer
Carin Goldberg
, book cover designer
Matt Groening, creator and exectutive producer, "The Simpsons" and "Futurama"
Peter Hall, design critic
Pete Hamill, New York Daily News columnist
Sylvia Harris, design planner responsible for redesign of Census
Allan Haley, director of words and letters for Agfa Monotype
Luke Hayman, Brill's Content creative director
Steven Heller, art director and design critic
John Hockenberry, Peabody Award-winning journalist and "Voice" moderator extraordinaire
Nigel Holmes, information designer
Terry Irwin, information designer and cofounder of Metadesign
Alfredo Jaar, MacArthur Fellow Award-winning artist, architect and filmmaker
Natalie Jeremijenko, information visualizer, technoartist and educator
Judy Kirpich, chief creative officer of Grafik
Bethany Koby, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Brenda Laurel, digital diva and author of Computers as Theatre
Marcia Lausen, design educator, University of Illinois at Chicago
Sun Min Lee, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Golan Levin, computational designer
George Lewis, jazz composer, musician and critic
Louser's Lounge, camped-up tribute band
Luba Lukova, Bulgarian-born designer
Pete McCracken, Plazm cofounder and director of Plazm Fonts
J. Abbott Miller, Pentagram partner
Jeff Miller, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Clement Mok, AIGA president
Jennifer Morla, Morla Design president
James Nachtwey, legendary "anti-war" Magnum photographer
Kali Nikitas, founder of Graphic Design For Love (+$)
Emily Oberman, Number Seventeen cofounder
Chris Pullman, vice president of design for PBS station WGBH
Samina Quraeshi, passionate design advocate
Mark Randall, Worldstudio founder
Elizabeth Resnick, design educator, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
Susan Roth, ballot redesign expert
Ben Rubin, sound and multimedia designer
Stefan Sagmeister, music graphics designer and body engraver
Louise Sandhaus, CalArts Design Department chair
Jonathan Santos, AIGA Student Medallion winner
Paula Scher, Pentagram partner and AIGA medalist 2001
Sam Shelton, Kinetik Communication Graphics cofounder
Donna Stanton, design educator, Bridgewater State University, Connecticut
Ward Sutton, illustrator and animator
Terry Swack, experience design strategist
Seth Tobocman, illustrator and comic artist
Cheryl Towler Weese, founder of studio blue
Teal Triggs, cofounder of Women's Design + Research Unit
Beth Urdang, music supervisor and founder of Agoraphone
Julia Whitney, interactive design director, WGBH
Ann Willoughby, Willoughby Design founder
Shawn Wolfe, anti-branding graphic designer and BeatkitTM inventor
Margaret Youngblood, Landor's creative director of corporate identity
Bob Zeni, executive director of the Voting Experience Redesign Initiative

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