James Nachtwey,

Magnum member and Time contract photographer James Nachtwey addresses the crises of the modern world with images distinctly marked by humanitarian sensitivity. Nachtwey’s fearlessness and total dedication to his profession have earned him dozens of awards, including five Robert Capa Gold Medals. His first foreign assignment was covering the 1981 IRA hunger strike in Northern Ireland. Since then, Nachtwey has devoted himself to documenting the victims of wars, conflicts and civil strife throughout the world. He calls himself an "antiwar photographer." Nachtwey’s work for leading international publications—including Time, Life, the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek and National Geographic—has been collected in Inferno (2000) and Deeds of War (1989).

James Nachtwey dubs himself an "antiwar photographer," whose job it is "to see on behalf of the rest of the world" and "to act as a vessel for those who cannot get the attention of the world because they have no voice." Nachtwey will show us a selection of his searing images, which document the very human tragedy of war and famine across the globe—from Bosnia to Sudan, Rwanda to Romania. In many cases, such as in his pictures of the 1992 Somalian famine, Nachtwey has been able to discern a direct relationship between his documentation of a problem and the arrival of relief. Through this incredible work, Nachtwey will demonstrate how—whether artist, photographer or designer—"you have to be a human being first."

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