Golan Levin,
computational designer

Golan Levin is interested in creating artifacts and experiences that explore supple new modes of audiovisual expression. He received his master’s degree from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he studied with John Maeda in the Aesthetics and Computation Group. Prior to MIT, he worked at Interval Research Corporation on the design of tools and toys for multimedia play and production. Levin now works with Alexander Gelman at Design Machine in New York City.

Audio Visual
The horizons of interactive form lie beyond the affordances of off-the-shelf tools, which only bottleneck and obscure the infinite plasticity of the computational medium. In increasing numbers, designers are turning to computer-programming techniques in order to expand the potential of the medium. In this audiovisual performance, computational designer Golan Levin presents a series of artworks developed in this way. Built around the metaphor of an "audiovisual substance," these systems allow people to create and perform abstract animation and sound—simultaneously and in real time—in order to yield interesting and infinitely variable expressions in both the visual and aural domains.

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